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Best Walks in Somerset

The county of green and pleasant land, from gorges to hillforts, or walk from coast to coast. These are three of the best walks in Somerset.

Dunkery Beacon

Fabulous views as far afield as Wales on a clear day from the highest point on Exmoor. The walk up the hill isn’t too difficult (you can drive most of the way up), and there’s a long or a short version to choose from, so very family friendly. In the old days, it was used as a fire beacon, to warn of enemies approaching.


Parrett River Trail

Can’t choose which coast to visit? Then walk from one to the other across the county! There are lots of routes to choose from, but all take you through glorious countryside so lots of wildlife spotting to be had. One top tip from a reviewer – beware a field of bulls!


Apex Wildlife Park Walk

A lovely little flat walk for the more sedate. It follows the perimeter of a large lake which is full of water-loving wildlife from swans and cormorants to toads, voles and dragonflies. If that isn’t enough, you can continue through the trees and along the River Brue to Burnham seafront.

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