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The West Country isn’t just ‘a local place, for local people’, but it’s true – some of our cultural displays would fit right in an episode of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. At any time of year, you will likely come across a traditional fayre or little-known festivals in the West Country but now is the time to truly indulge in the obscure. We’ve cherry-picked a few of the craziest to bring out the weirdo in you.

World Garlic Eating competition, on 14th September, Bridport in Dorset

You’d have to be a little weird to eat a bulb of raw garlic. It’s not a normal thing to do. But in Dorset they’ve decided to make a big thing of it and invite you to become a champion at the First Annual World Garlic Eating Competition!

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Guitars on the Beach record, on 7th September, Lyme Regis in Dorset

Think a Spanish serenade with red rose between teeth, and then forget the Spanish bit, and probably the red rose. Acoustic guitars ahoy when Lyme Regis attempts the record for ‘most amount of guitarists playing a song simultaneously’.

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Barefoot Festival, on 18th July, Godolphin in Cornwall

In the spirit of holiday mode, kick off your soul-sapping shoes and run free. We've been doing a bit of barefooting lately and it's not that crazy. But it's certainly worth finding out what it's all about with the Barefoot Festival being held by the National Trust.

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Sturminster Cheese Festival, on 14th & 15th September in Sturminster Newton, Dorset

Back to Dorset again, and they’re celebrating all things cheese. So if you love cheese so much you feel the need to celebrate it, join local cheese makers for the Annual Cheese Festival.

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The Lowland Games, on 26th July near Thorney in Somerset

Hop over the border into Somerset for ‘a bit of country fun and a lot of mud’. Fancy dress river raft races alongside mudwrestling and wife carrying, this is what crazy culture is all about.

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