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St Agnes Bolster Day

Evil giant eats children and is none too pleasant to Mrs Bolster making her carry boulders on her back day and night. He ditches the wife for younger prettier model, Agnes. In an act of love, he sheds his blood, which runs out to sea, saps his soul and so he dies. Still, the lantern workshops, pageant, procession and barbecue should cheer you up.

St Agnes Bolster Day
Chapel Porth
4 Stars

Jan 2011

Mr Henthorn

Noisy, colourful, dramatic!

A quirky, dramatic, noisy, colourful event that can be seen from the clifftops in both directions. If the weather is fine, expect crowds and bring something to sit on as the clifftop gorse is less than comfortable! Build up performances are also given outside the village pubs during the day, including the Driftwood Spars which is a short walk from the village's other beach - Trevaunance Cove.

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