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Best Beaches in Devon

The beaches are big in Devon, so here are a few hints for which one to choose, as our guests have rated their best beaches in Devon.


The south coast of Devon isn’t known for its surfing, but there are plenty of water activities here when the weather is right and it rivals Bigbury opposite for fun. The western end allows doggies all year round, and there are plenty of rockpools and coves to explore when you tire of the lovely clean sand.


Bigbury on Sea Beach

Surprisingly not number one, this beach has everything to make nostalgic holiday memories – lots of sand, an island like something out of a story book, stunning views and plenty of facilities. It is quite popular in high summer, so was knocked into the number two spot by its quieter sister. But you’ve got to go see Burgh Island.


Ness Cove

Made it into the top three as the perfect dog-friendly beach and surprising vista when you arrive. It’s especially exciting to have to walk through the old smugglers’ tunnel to get there!

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